hooked on a feeling, high on believing.

we took these at the old Bacardi building off Biscayne Blvd. it is "no trespassing" but c'mon! it was too good to drive past! here's a few life thoughts..

❤ i wore this outfit to see bon iver. do you listen to him? i have had a weird love for him for a long time, and his 1st cd got me through lots of times-- good/bad. he sounded perfect. i am grateful he came to miami, i thought it wouldn't ever happen.

❤ my new house has the LOVELIEST lighting. it makes me want to add more things to my store because taking product photos got 8,00000 X's more fun.  and i am adding more things! lots!

❤ next week is finals week and then i have a 3 week break!! i am going to NYC and on family vacation to martha's vineyard. you know what that means? vacation photos// you all sort of get to come :)

❤ i thought i would never wear an extra cropped top, but lately it is all i want to wear. i have to buy a cute floral one! any suggestions?

skirt: for sale in my store
blouse: c/o 2020ave
bag/boots/hat: vintage