there's a place up ahead and i'm goin', just as fast as my feet can fly.

hello from my new fringe and i! :) i had bangs in 2009 and decided to go back in time a little bit. it was fun revealing them to matt because he said it took him back to when we were first dating! gotta tell you though, waking up with crazy hair is NOT a fun thing, so they may be short lived. it looks like i stuck my hand in an electric socket every morning.

i wore this saturday afternoon ... we snuck out in between the neverending rain storms to take these! i usually despise tight shorts but for some reason these don't make me feel uncomfortable. plus they're the prettiest floral pattern i've seen ♥ this week is going to be very stressful over here between finals and moving, but i will keep you updated! thank you for reading, your comments always make me smile.

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blouse: for sale in my store
shorts: c/o romwe
bag: ebay
hat: vintage
shoes: c/o wanted