she was a runaway, from a town so far away.

lazy dayzzz. navy, red, beige & jean is one of my favorite color combinations. throw some stripes from 2020AVE and some polka dots into the mix and YOWZA!

it has been non-stop raining here and all i want to do is cozy up in bed. sometimes rainy weeks are relaxing. this weekend we're painting and packing [fun, right?] matt has monday off and i am giving myself off so we can take a mini vacation on saturday & sunday night after we paint! i love early mornings with a coffee in-hand when it is just me, matt and the wide open road. cheesy, but true! what are your favorite weekend things?

p.s. lots of new vintage in my store since last night! :)

blouse: for sale in my store
jacket: gap circa 1990's.. i saved it for years!
shorts: c/o 2020AVE
bag: c/o handbag heaven
shoes: vintage