listen to the colour of your dreams.

it's friday and this weekend is more than welcomed in my world. i wore this to a little evening in midtown miami with matt. we ate at lemoni, our new favorite spot!

i had so much fun walking in the furor moda fashion show on wednesday night! aside from the fact that i cannot walk and am NOT a model, i felt pampered and had conceptual makeup done and an upside down french braid in my hair. it was also so nice to be surrounded by other miami bloggers including daniela, amanda, annie, claudia and kelly. i feel like i am a part of something and that makes me happy!

also, i snuck in a store update yesterday so make sure to check the new vintage!

skirt: for sale in my store
blouse: c/o sheinside
shoes: c/o wanted
bag: c/o modcloth

.. here are a random assortment of photos. i look totally different, just to warn ya! 

photos from dani of nany's klozet