big mint heart.

lots of mini life news today!

♥ took most of my midterms yesterday, got an a on one and (hopefully) b on the other. hands down one of the hardest tests of my life, but hey! i didn't expect international retailing to be easy

♥ seems as though matt and i may be moving. life's about to change a little bit :)

♥ i am walking in my 1st fashion show tonight at this event. i hope i don't fall! 

♥ this skirt reminds me of lemonade. maybe it's because i've been wearing it this week and drinking lots of lemonade in my bed in it!? 

isn't it fun when life changes a little bit? i get REALLY excited for new adventures, especially when i get to live them with matt by my side. i know, i am really stinking cheesy.

sweater: c/o LOVE
skirt: for sale in my store
hat/boots: vintage
bag: c/o romwe