life could be a dream.

happpy monday! my days feel all scrambled because when matt was away last week i was living like a real bachelorette :) froyo for dinner, frozen corn for lunch.. life was a bit unusual for a bit. routines have since resumed though!

it has been non-stop rain over here and it's supposed to continue for the whole week. i don't mind it because you know what they say about april showers and also, i will take rainy over boiling hot any day!  i wore this to go see a movie at the art cinema in our neighborhood. they always keep the temperature at about 50 degrees (or it seems that way) so i usually dress for antarctica when we go, and sweat the whole walk there. the top just makes me think crisscross applesauce. idk.. i embrace my weird thoughts. have a productive monday! i'll be planning my store window display for my visual merchandising class all day! :)

blouse: for sale in my store
cardi: for sale in my store
bag: ebay
wedges: ASOS
jeans: c/o david kahn jeans