today was good. today was fun. tomorrow is another one.

really soaking in every minute of time i have here! meet my "photog for the week".. my brother! he is some guy.. been driving me around and taking my photos every morning. i've gotta say, he is pretty good at the photographer thing.

i spent yesterday wandering around soho by my lonesome. it got SO cold around 4p.m. and i had to purchase a pair of pants, the tights weren't cutting it. i got these from Urban and don't ever want to take them off. grabbed dinner with some friends at my favorite place in the city, dumpling man. if you live around here, you gotta go! the dumpling logo melts my heart and the food is amazing. have a great tuesday! this is my last full day in the city before i head to visit family in long island! xo!

dress: for sale in my store
collar: h & m
flats: hand-me-downs :)
bag: vintage
glasses: c/o proopticals
coat: vintage

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