there's so much in the world that i'd like to soak up with my eyes.

i'd be lying if i told you i wasn't the happiest girl in the world at this moment in time. can i just stay here forever? i'd also be lying if i didn't divulge to you that this past week was NOT a good place to be. ever have those weeks you just wish away and they take foreeeeverrr? matt said .. "there's good weeks and bad ones. next week will be good." what a guy!

.. isn't this dress just a dream. i guess i'd probably say that about any THING with giant polka dots... but HEY! :)

have a good weekend/week! i will be in nyc for the next few days, and will of course be updating along the way! check back for lots of pictures of yummy food, amazing thrift finds, brooklyn & more! xoxo!

dress: for sale in my store
collar: c/o shopAKIRA
bag: c/o modcloth
shoes: c/o wanted shoes