if you want to be free, be free.

when i was growing up, my walls were bubblegum pink with giant white polka dots. i drove a VW beetle with pink and white polka dotted fabric all over the dashboard, AND i had a vintage skirt to match. to this day, when i see something with polka dots i go a little crazy for it. if i lived alone, i promise you i would have polka dot walls, a polka dot comforter AND a fuzzy light pink rug.

this is just one of those signature outfits i will always love. a few dots, a little peter pan collar and some gorgeous pleats. i hope you all have a fun filled weekend! IT'S FRIDAY!! and there is an art festival in our neighborhood all weekend :)

sweater: for sale in my store
skirt: c/o Motel Rocks
bag: rebecca minkoff via a giveaway
shoes/hat: vintage
glasses: c/o proopticals

p.s. found this old photo of my dad (in the faded glory tee) with my grandparents and my aunt linda.. and other random people i've never met. too good not to share! i wish i lived back then!