you only live a day, but it's brilliant anyway.

hello friends!

it was a brilliant weekend here in steffy land! i spent most of it in a weird silly/ giddy state, goofing off with my two favorite guys-- my dad and my matt! we saw wanderlust, ate yummy mexi salads at el jefe luchador, and on sunday matty even thrifted with me (and i think he enjoyed it!).

i wore this to the eye doctor/ movies on saturday and it grabs the win for my #1 favorite outfit in a while. i just love LOVE this dress! i'm off to work :) so many dresses as cute as kittens coming to my store soon!

dress: for sale in my store
bag: ebay
shoes: vintage
sunnies: vintage

p.s. i baked cake pops from this recipe on friday. they looked so pretty at the end i just had to share! it was my 2nd time baking them.. they didn't look this good on the first try. hehe.