a house in the woods.

as far as dreams go, one of my biggest dreams is to live in a house in the woods with a backyard. i know some people think the tropics are beautiful, but my idea of beauty is a deserted road in the middle of the wilderness. i think snow and the fall and trees without leaves are SO pretty. i'm jealous of all you cuties with pictures in the snow!! lucky for me, my friend alex moved into a cabin in a state park!

matt and i spent this day in the park canoeing and skating hills! yes... i can skate, just a hidden secret ;) i wore my newest favoritest sweater! i snatched it up on saturday and haven't taken it off since. and paired with a peter pan collar... dreammmy!

p.s. i am so excited to announce i was picked as the Teen Vogue Blogger of The Moment! You can read my interview here!

dress: for sale in my store
sweater: for sale in my store
tights: betsey johnson (gift from matt's mom!)
knee highs: forever 21
hat: vintage
glasses: c/o proopticals

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