a new years gatherin'! ♥

could not have had a more smiley and perfect new years. ♥ we spent it at our good friends house surrounded by everyone we love. we all camped on their property and got to wake up and eat breakfast together!

i wore (of course) a polka dotted dress... my new years dream dress! i styled a beehive hair-do to accompany the retro dress. this morning i grabbed my most comfy/ silly tee, my MEOW tee!

"MEOW, it's 2012!!!"

i hope that all of your 2012 dreams will come true. ♥

new years outfit:
dress: for sale in my store here
shoes: ASOS
bag: express [ like 4 years ago]

today's outfit:
tee: c/o brashy couture
glasses: c/o proopticals
jeans: h & m-- they have GREAT $20 jeans right now.