colorblocked with a side of a life update?

why hello and happy friday! i am really happy to announce that this is my first "real weekend" in a very long time [ aside from the class i have saturday morning]. after playing super steffy last quarter and working + running my store/blog + attending school full-time i realized something had to go because i am not super, i am just a normal human :) sooo, until i finish school i will be focusing more on my store & school, meaning more vintage for YOU and better grades for ME. yay! plus now i can take weekends to relax!

but don't worry your brains, in september when i graduate i will be searching for a full-time job. i am a worker-bee, and plan on working til' i am old and grey!

here i am in my new favorite sweater for this week. sorry about the blouse being "sold out".. i visited my mom yesterday and she fell in love with it. now it is hers, hehe!

okay, have a lovely weekend ♥♥♥

blouse: for sale in my store
sweater: for sale in my store
shoes: ASOS
bag: c/o francesca's collections
jeans: c/o 1961
glasses: c/o proopticals