you're making me blush!

hey guys!

here i am at this peaceful picturesque spot near my house. about 5 feet away there is a grimy road with motels and street peddlers. miami is weird.

yesterday matt and i booked a trip to nicaragua in the first week of january! it is weird, because we coincidently booked the trip on our one year anniversary of moving back! i don't remember if i shared, but matt and i lived in nicaragua for 7 months in 2010! he managed THIS surfing hotel and i took photographs of the guests surfing on the beach to sell to them. that's how we made $$! it was really adventurous, but there was NO fashion so i went a bit nuts ;) there was good coffee though! and the owners were so welcoming... i felt like we were a little family. during storms we even cooked "family dinners"! i also got to learn a little bit of spanish!

SO needless to say, the next few weeks will be GREAT GREAT! new york city followed by nicaragua! and don't worry, i'll be adding some dresses fresh out of NYC to my store before we go in the beginning of january! also BIG listing coming today to my store :)

have a festive weekend!

blouse: for sale in my store here
bag: won in a giveaway
stilettos: forever 21 (just got em, you can snag em here!)
jeans: c/o DL1961
glasses: c/o proopticals

... here is a picture of my guy matty surfing while we lived in nica! isn't he NUTS?!