we love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all we love eachother!

YAY. 4 finals down and one to go. last night i got to listen to a bit about my merchandising professors life/career and it made me wish i could have a mentor like him to teach me everything about sewing/ visual merchandising/ store planning/ FASHION. i want an apprenticeship! :) but for real, there is something to be said for someone who knows so much about their craft. *admiration*!

ok so...

1. my MOM took these! seems as if she is my new photographer :) jk, but we did have fun on this special occasion!

2. i cannot wear this blouse enough. it has the best collar EVER.

3. meet senior ollie. when i was a sophomore in college i decided buying a dog would be a good idea. when i moved to nyc and worked full-time, i realized why college kids shouldn't have pets. long story short, my parents adopted him! so i still get to love him when i visit!

honestly, do you think chihuahua's are cute? i think theyre so darling, but matt can't even look at ollie without making this awful cringe face!

dress: for sale in my store here
blouse: for sale in my store here
bag: for sale in my store here
socks: forever 21
shoes: ASOS