and from above you send us love!

the beatles, beatles for sale. the best beatles cd, no apologies! i can't and won't ever get enough of it!

this hat proves me to be a 'trash picker.' i noticed it outside of my neighbors door for a few weeks but didn't want to be a 'thief' so i waited patiently until i saw it in the trash. then i snatched it! and made it a little smaller! and now... now i wear it with pride!

have a great weekend :) matt and i are taking a mini-vaca for a night upcoast .. were actually on the road right now! :) i will make sure to take lots of pictures to share!

P.S. i JUST added lots of new cute things in my store!

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shoes: vintage
bag: vintage
watch: c/o soft slap watches

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