Q & A with Coury of Fancy Treehouse!

trust me when i say i read a lot of blogs every day. but out of all of the millions of blogs in the blogosphere, not one has stuck as much as Fancy Treehouse run by coury combs. something about this girl just won my heart, her photos are so natural and fun, and her outfits are always girly and filled with so much color. she also has a Fancy Treehouse store where she sells her amazing vintage. if you couldn't tell, i am super excited to have her here answering some questions today, and you should definitely check out her blog! if you had to wear the same color scheme for the rest of your life, what colors would you choose?
that's the hardest question for me because colors are my thing! right now i would say all peach. haha.

how do you take your coffee?
on the weekdays it's black and on the weekends i go crazy and get sweet drinks with cream.
you have so many cute dresses in your store each week. how much time out of your week would you say you spend searching for these gems?
i usually shop 2 days a week. it's strange because it doesn't feel like work to me at all. it's all incredibly fun.

two years ago did you ever see yourself becoming a full-time fashion blogger?
well, i haven't even been really blogging for a year so i don't even think i knew what a fashion blog was 2 years ago! i was still on xanga :)
what did you want to be as a kiddie?
i wanted to be an actress or a teacher.

how did you meet your husband?
we had a mutual friend in a band that we both went to see one night. we went out to eat with a bunch of people afterwards and he broke a bottle of hot sauce and he had rips in the knees of his jeans.
which blogs make your heart skip a beat a little?
lots but today this one comes to mind: shae acopian detar blog. she takes the most beautiful photographs.

how many times do you change before you walk out the door?
two max! you just have to pick something and make it work!
something you do on your free time that isn't on your blog what would shock your readers?
i don't think anything i do would shock anyone, even my readers. i'm a simple girl.

make sure to checkout fancy treehouse! maybe it will make you as happy as it makes me :)

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