i'll be seeing you

for some reason, when i am amongst the hustle and bustle of new york city my world just slows down. it is as if my brain and my inner chaos just reaches this calm and soothing quiet, and i can sit with my thoughts and really think deeply about my life. so basically, i am somewhat sad to be back and cannot wait to visit again at a later date.

while in ny i first spent a day with my aunt elisa who is in the last picture. she is one of the best people around, fyi. then i headed into the city and slept at my friend kelseas house for the rest of the time(the cutie in the floral skirt).

on sunday i met up with gaby of fashionable collections and we went thrifting in bushwick. it seriously feels like i have known this girl my whole life, she is just the sweetest! i am so glad that blogging brought us together! i also got to see my nyc bff tara and my younger brother matt who is in the picture with me above! it was the perfect weekend getaway, and i got to catch up with so many people who i love and miss, and who i know will just always be in my life!

shorts: thrifted
blouse: forever 21
argyle vest: vintage and for sale here
tights: h & m
shoes: thrifted
purse: vintage

p.s. some new items from the trip will soon be added to my store!

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