garbage disposal day

so yeah, this picture was taken right outside of a sort of mediterranean restaurant where i started off my day with hummus/macaron. then continued on to eat some cooking in honor of matt's grandma sandy, including but not limited to pasta, lasagna, noodles, etc etc. then onto dinner at my parents house.
black bean salad, check. yellow rice, check. chicken kabob, check. chocolate chip cheese squares, check.
lets just say i went to bed a stuffed little piggy.

these shorts were revamped/destroyed by sara. they were in my store, but i bought them from her directly instead. haha, you can never have em now! you can buy the shirt though, right here!

happy memorial day!
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shirt: vintage and for sale in my store
shorts: handmade by sara
cardi: h & m
socks: ozone socks
shoes: vintage